How to write a graphic design project proposal

So you continuously need to establish relationships with new clients and land new contracts. How are you going to get the jobs you want?

How to write a graphic design project proposal

How To Write a Winning Proposal by Nigel Gordijk When a potential client approaches you to see if you can handle their projects, how do you prove yourself without resorting to creative output?

The answer is to write an informative and insightful project proposal. Before you begin working for a potential client you need to win their confidence by proving you're capable of meeting their requirements. Sometimes this is a formal process where the client has issued a Request For Proposal RFPwhich means that you'll be competing against others to win the project.

Alternatively, a client may approach just one supplier to see how they would handle the job. Here, I'll be discussing my method for handling the individual approach. As I'm primarily a Web designer much of the advice has a slant towards online projects, but hopefully most of it will prove helpful for any client project.

Front cover This may sound obvious, but make sure that the cover clearly features your organization's name and logo if it has onethe title of the project and the date of the submission.

You want your document to stand out from the reams of paper on the client's desk. Copyright Statement When you hand over the result of your carefully considered hard work, make the client aware that you don't want it to be shown to a third party. They may well be a cheap bargain basement supplier who would happily steal your ideas.

If you don't win the project and a few months later a near replica appears based on your ideas, this can be useful for proving that you own the rights to them.

I usually include the following statement on the first page of my proposals: Nigel Gordijk owns the copyright for this document and all its contents.

This proposal should be considered private and confidential and may not be shared with any third party without the prior written permission of Nigel Gordijk. In reality, if someone steals your work it could be near impossible to prove. But at the very least this will show the client how much you value it.

Executive Summary Explain your understanding of the client, their business and the industry they operate in. This will form the platform that is your starting point for a project so you need to show the client that their objectives are clear to you.

The Executive Summary shouldn't be more than about three or four paragraphs. Current Situation List the existing success and failures of any existing efforts the client has in the area that you'll be working in.

For example, if you're redesigning their Web site then assess how easy the navigation is to use; what does the design of the site say about the client; is it informative and up to date; and so on. Be diplomatic if you can't think of anything good to say. Bear in mind that this earlier effort may have been commissioned by the person who is reading your proposal - or worse, they may have done it themselves.

If the site's navigation isn't up to scratch, mention that it could be improved by simplifying it to make it easier to use. Target Audience Who will be using the finished project? Give demographic details - age, industry sector, etc. What type of language should you be using to address them?

Are they likely to be Web literate or complete beginners?

How to Write a Graphic Design Project Proposal

Project Goals The client should hopefully be focused on what they want to achieve and this is where you summarize their objectives. Is this an image exercise or a communication one? Does the client company just want to look cool or is it trying to tell its target audience about their products and services?

It's vital this is clearly defined, as different requirements need different executions. Remember - this is a project proposal, not a project brief. Its purpose is to prove to the client that you can help them meet their objectives; so don't be afraid to state what seems to you to be the obvious.

If you do, your proposal may be rejected because of what you omitted. Creative Strategy Given the understanding you've displayed in the Executive Summary, Current Situation, Target Audience and Project Goals this is where you can get a bit creative and show off.

The Creative Strategy is often described as "the way forward" - you're starting from Point A and your aim is to take the client to Point B. Explain what you think is the best route to get there. If you'll be producing a Web site then list the sections with short descriptions.

Technical Strategy How technical you are here depends on how much you think your client will understand. Will the site's content be dynamic? If so, then describe how you will achieve this. Will there be a members' forum?How to Write a Graphic Design Project Proposal If you're a freelance graphic designer, odds are that many of your projects will be pretty short.

how to write a graphic design project proposal

So you continuously need to establish relationships with new clients and land new contracts. FREE Proposal Template for Designers The branding project was worth $6,, and in the middle of it, the client killed the project. So frustrating! I will help you write comprehensive graphic design proposals, that will protect both you and your client.

I’ve been freelancing for over 15 years. A well-written solution is the heart of your design proposal, the section that has a huge impact on whether or not your prospect will take you up on your proposal or not.

From personal experience, I can say that my own clients spend the most time glancing at my proposals’ solution section, which I know from looking at the data-tracking.

how to write a graphic design project proposal

Your proposal should fully explain what an agency graphic design package includes in order to create a comprehensive marketing campaign for prospective or current clients.

It should completely explain what part the graphic designer plays beyond creating pretty images. [ph-vs.comy] is looking to revamp its brand identity, which includes logo redesign, corporate brand book design, and a website revamp.

[ph-vs.comy] handled a number of graphic design projects for businesses in [ph-vs.comry]. It’s not just that writing the perfect proposal can lead to a lot of work, money, and even a recurring and long-term client.

While that’s certainly the goal of every designer, there’s more to writing a proposal than just the monetary possibilities. It’s about the pride in being professional.

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