Preparation of the naoh solution

At the same time I can't forget to express my thankfulness to Principal of our School for extending his generous patronage and constant encouragement. Finally, I am thankful to my parents for helping me economically and my friends for giving me a helping hand at every step of the project. To study the effect of temperature on the digestion of starch by saliva.

Preparation of the naoh solution

This flaw was due to allowing excess sodium hydroxide to flow, causing the KHP solution to become pinker than it should have. This might have caused some deviations because the volume of sodium hydroxide added was excess.

The theoretical value of NaOH to be poured was 9. However, the amount I added on an average was The theoretical value of the Sodium Hydroxide that was expected to be used was 9.

Preparation of the naoh solution

However, there has been a deviation of 0. The resulting percentage error out of this deviation is: Taking the value of 9. The percent error that has resulted is: Another error was caused by the deviation in the mass of KHP.

However, this, being only 0. This means that due to systematic error, my accuracy has fallen by 9. The deviation in the volume, however, is not the only indicator of noticeable systematic errors.

The volumes of NaOH used up shows significant fluctuations. For example, in trial 1, I used The difference between these sets of data indicates that the systematic error of allowing the KHP solution to become too pale resulted in strange fluctuations.

These fluctuations caused the 0. The percentage uncertainty calculated of the concentration of NaOH was 2.

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Therefore, due to flaws in raw data values taken from systematic errors, there has been a deviation in uncertainty too, indicating the impact of methodical flaws. The uncertainty of 2. Overall, the data obtained, although not completely inaccurate, have not been as accurate as it could have been.

These errors were avoidable.3 Part 1.

SOP for Preparation of Microbial Culture Media : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

The Small-Scale Preparation of Thiokol Rubber This preparation of Thiokol rubber is a two-step process. The first step is the preparation of sodium.

pH calculation questions - calculation of pH of buffer. Finally we have a set of equations qbq and qbq When solved they give n a = and n b = From qbq we get that we have to add mole of HCl, or 36 mL of 1 M solution..

We can use pH calculator to check the result. Create a solution containing both ammonia and hydrochloric acid. Flinn Scientific is the #1 source for science supplies and equipment both in and outside the classroom. For more than 40 years, Flinn has been the “Safer Source for Science.”.

Acid base titration - end point indicators preparation

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Polythene or is addition polymer of ethene. Two types of polythenes namely; high density polythene and lo\; density polythene, are being produced these days using different conditions for polymerisation.

nCH2= CH2 -(CH2-CH2)-n. ethane polythene. Nov 18,  · Weigh 40 g this NaOH in a dry 1 L volumetric slowly mL distilled water and stir until the flask in a thermostat at 20 0C and maintain for 1 distilled.

1N NaOH solution preparation